Quick update, a funny game design blog, and a teaser!

I still have some mental time budgeted towards game design, but not as much as I had expected to. But I have a bit of extra time again, and I want to throw some entertaining ideas around on this blog in the near future.  First, the funny link.

Bernie DeKoven, a New Games guy who more recently wrote Junkyard Sports and writes often about new ways to have fun in his funlog, has uncovered a dark truth: his book is actually a secret training manual for our dark, inevitable post-apocalyptic future! Take part in the underground movement to prepare for nuclear-winter fun at his new (who knows how permanent) blog, Post-Apocalympics!

As for me, my last couple of forays into employment had me deeply entrenched in the Land of the Cubicle. When I got bored (and being most likely a case of undiagnosed ADD, it happened a lot), I might drift by the supply cabinet or what have you and poke around for interesting pens or clips or sticky notes to toy with. But inevitably this leads nowhere – it’s solitary, unstructured play, which can only last so long before you either bore yourself, or let on to those around you that you’re certifiably nuts.

The solution? Lure other people into the mix, and add some rules! I’m fleshing out some rules for a couple of games that can be played solely with things found in abundance around the office. The goal is for these to be quick, playable over a 15 minute coffee break, and definitely for two or more players (offices have enough solitaire play already).

So hang onto a few of those paper clips, index cards, and maybe even document printouts, they might need to be filed away under ‘G’ for game materials.


4 thoughts on “Quick update, a funny game design blog, and a teaser!

  1. Thank you for your support of the Post-apocalympics. We can never start too soon.

    And what, pray tell, of your coffee break games?

  2. Still in the works, a bit delayed by moving and starting a new job. But not forgotten!

    The idea I was going to work out first was to use a spreadsheet as a game board somehow; I was going to use simple wargame-style mechanics with it, but that seems a bit too arbitrary and not very office-ish. I’m rethinking it a bit; maybe turn the numbers into some kind of resource-gathering contest instead of terrain?

  3. Any progress?

    One of my most successful, shall we say, “pervasive” office game turned out to be a giant crossword puzzle. We put it on a wall near the coffee machine and watched it get filled in over the days and days….

  4. Not really. I’ve been office-job-less for about two years now, which has sort of pushed the idea to the backburner by default.

    On the other hand, I’m getting into teaching, so maybe I’ll have some classroom-playable fun to share over the next year.

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