References for my TWU “Digital Games as Communication” Presentation

This post is a collection of links to stuff that I mentioned during my visit at Kevin Schut’s class on Digital Games as Communication. The talk was, roughly, on creative process in the mainstream game industry vs that in independent development, plus a look at what the indie game scene is shaping into today (or at least the parts I’ve found out about so far).  If there’s anything I mentioned that you can’t find here or via Google, or if you have any other questions, drop a comment here or email me at: josh at the domain thoughtlost dot org.  (Does that even fool spambots anymore? I have no idea.)

Linkfest begins after the break.

The presentation slideshow (not terribly informative on its own, just here for reference)

Scene websites:

Info, analysis and rants about the industry

Some Notable Indie Devs

Indie dev presentation videos worth watching

Games you should try (other than ones you can find by clicking on the dev links above)

Some other stuff

Whew, maybe that’s enough for now.  If I think of any other must-see refs later on I’ll edit or add them as comments.


3 thoughts on “References for my TWU “Digital Games as Communication” Presentation

  1. Very, very sweet. Thanks for posting all this and thanks for coming to our class!

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  3. This article gave me some super helpful stuff. You really deserve a big kiss right now. I found your website by luck. Applying your information has seriously increased my knowledge. You should be beyond proud of yourself.

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