Wanted: Indie Game Developers

Want to get started in independent game development? Live in the Fraser Valley somewhere near Abbotsford? First Shot Games is looking for people who would like to make it actually exist in more than just my imagination!

I’m looking for collaborators to help make the indie dream come true. My own skill set is mixed and I’m essentially looking for people I can work together with in an interdisciplinary way – in other words, I’m not picky about whether you’re a programmer, sound artist, 2D artist, modeler, level designer, game designer, etc. What I’m really looking for is to create an environment where we can all learn something from each other and work as a group to come up with well-designed and polished small-scale games.

I’m not recruiting to hire, because this isn’t yet a funded company. This isn’t a day job. I’m looking for people willing to get together and potentially work in their spare time or part-time to try and get an indie game development company off the ground for either a share of future profits or as a partnership.

I do have a plan for a marketable educational game, targeted at high school science departments, to get things off the ground. I just can’t stand working solo and get squirrelly when there’s no one around to bounce ideas off of and collaborate with. (Otherwise I’d gladly be off in my little corner pushing out this game idea I have and keeping the revenue for myself.)

If this sounds interesting to you and you live in the area, fire me an email (josh # thoughtlost . org) and we can meet up for coffee!


2 thoughts on “Wanted: Indie Game Developers

  1. Well I don’t live in BC but I’m always open to new stuff.

    Unfortunately I have a large development project underway right now but the crunch for that should be done in mid January.

    If you ever need to bounce ideas, go ahead and bounce.

  2. I’d love to, but I live in Australia.

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