Introduction to Game Design begins

Last night was the first of five classes titled “Introduction to Game Design”.  It was a reasonably good first start, although I’m still adjusting to how to pace the course material.  Hopefully those who attended enjoyed themselves and learned something new.

I hadn’t made proper handout in time, so here are links to the (optional) readings that I assigned.

Common Game Prototyping Pitfalls
How to Prototype a Game in Under 7 Days
Iterative Design
Affordances and Design

We ended the class by playing through a round of GameGame 2.0, a card game that aims to teach players what the core elements of a game design are.  It also makes for an interesting brainstorming tool, as over the course of the game you have to take the cards you’ve collected and translate them into a pitch for a new game concept.  It was pretty successful and the students did a great job of making things up on the spot.  I don’t think GameGame alone does a perfect job at outlining the elements that make up a game design, but it’s close enough that it can be used to augment a more detailed discussion.


3 thoughts on “Introduction to Game Design begins

  1. I just read your post on Portal and Feminism while I was doing some research and found it really interesting. Is there an email where I could contact you and ask you some questions?

  2. Josh, how’s it going?

    Been following your blog as an indie game developer myself, and coming from a design background, I find it interesting.

    I posted a link to your blog on my wordpress,

    We’re really trying to build our viewership and get the word out for our game under development, so if you’d be at all interested in posting a link to our site in your blogroll, I’d appreciate it. If not, that’s cool.


  3. I love the GameGame cards idea. Learning game design can be quite challenging and its nice to throw in something different from time to time.

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