Status report, sort of

For the last few months I’ve been busy in a B.Ed degree program at Simon Fraser University.  It’s a 12-month, second degree program, so come next January I will be officially marked as insane enough to want to teach high school kids.

This blog sort of formed out of a desire to learn more about game design.  I still like overanalyzing games that I play, and I still poke around a little at small freeware game development every now and then.  But overall it’s no longer the foremost thing on my mind worth talking about.  So I’m re-generalizing this space to write about whatever I need to get off my mind in a way that I think could be worth reading.

On the other hand, I’m also signed up for Ian Schreiber’s Game Design Concepts summer course that he is excellently offering for free.  I’ve tried my hand at teaching game design myself briefly; it went okay, but had all the rough edges you’d expect from a new course taught by a new teacher who was making up a new curriculum.  I don’t know if I’ll go back to trying to offer a standalone course in that way again, but I suspect I may integrate game design basics into high school IT courses if there’s enough interest in basic game development as, say, a project option.  So I may end up blabbing about game design a bit more, but in a shifting context of integrating it into my teaching practice rather than as an aspiring indie developer.


2 thoughts on “Status report, sort of

  1. good to hear you’re still alive dude 🙂

  2. Hey Josh. Thanks for the tip on the game design course. I went ahead and registered too.

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