Game designing the lesson, and why blogging is hard

It’s impossible right now for me to ignore the parallels between my lesson planning and my love for game design.  I think this is because there’s actually something going on between the two (but we can’t rule out the possibility that I’m just obsessed).

Today I taught my second math block in my official practicum term.  I gave students a significant challenge, but it may have stretched too far too quickly.  I’ve been giving them open challenges rather than easy answers, and trying to structure things in such a way that they can work it out.  I’m learning that accessibility is a key factor.  You could say I need to work on my intro levels to build up the skills and awareness of ‘verbs’ that they have on hand already.

I’m also finding it really hard to sit down and write here, as much as I want to contribute to the larger teacher-blogger community.  There are already a number of math / science teacher bloggers who are feeding me a constant stream of inspiration, and I want to give back to that.  When I sit down to write, though, it’s a struggle to pick out the bits in my head that are sharable vs the bits that are not.  Anything I say about my class has the potential to reflect publically on my students.  When things go wrong with my lesson, I know that my delivery, my preparation, and my knowledge are not the only factors involved.  Students’ lives are just as messy and complicated as mine, and they’re not mine to share to the world.

Still, I’ve seen too much awesome being blogged out there to ignore.  I need to do this.


One thought on “Game designing the lesson, and why blogging is hard

  1. Sorry I haven’t dropped by yet, but I wanted to say I have enjoyed your posts so far!

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