Oh, you crazy circles.

My love for paper folding lured me into starting out my Math 9’s with Circle Geometry.  I’ll start off with the regular block this week; I’m a week into it with my Essentials / Remedial block.  I asked a LOT of them and then gave them a lot of in-class support.  I don’t want to apologize for that in principle, but I should’ve been bringing those lesson plans in halfway through the year, once they were comfortable actually working on things together.

I’m busy pillaging resources like Dan Meyer’s Geometry notes, but I wish someone had a cheat sheet on how U.S. math courses translate to our Western Canada course structure.  Still, it looks worth pillaging.

It’s reassuring to see that he also picked up on the reconstructing a circle from an arc exercise.  I was thinking of finding an actual stone circle of some kind or another and smashing it; instead I fudged it at the last minute by taking a hand-drawn circle, tearing it up into pieces, and handing out the pieces.  In retrospect I kind of like the drama of tearing up a piece of paper in full view, and I think I’d do it again.  I’ll just need to improve how I lead them up to that point next time.

Also, paper was fun, but wow I need to get my hands on a digital projector, fast.


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