More on the Western Canada gatekeeping example

A little more background, this time from the Calgary Herald rather than my second-hand knowledge from email listservs:

University-bound arts or humanities students who once struggled to complete high-school math requirements may find help when a new math curriculum begins for Grade 10 students next year.

Mathematics 20-1, 30-1 and 31 is meant for students who wish to pursue math-intensive subjects while Mathematics 20-2 and 30-2 has been created to prepare students for post secondary studies which would not require higher-level math training.

Arts students, for instance, could learn to interpret statistics and to complete math research projects, assignments which aren’t included in the more science-focused math class where the emphasis would be on calculus.

“It’s not easier math, it’s different content you are studying,” said Henzel.

That last line is the kicker.  This isn’t just a watered-down version of calculus prep, this is a completely different teaching target.

The article ends with a mention that the U of Alberta and U of Calgary will be “aligning” with this curriculum in a few years.  The devil is in the details, though, and they aren’t giving any details yet.  Hopefully they take a more reasonable approach than UBC.


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