Average inspiration

The other day I found the weirdest source of teacher inspiration: reading MLIA (MyLifeIsAverage) over my little sister’s shoulder at my in-laws’ house.

Today, my schedule got switched around so instead of having history 6th hour I have it 2nd. As soon as I walked in I noticed that my teacher didn’t have a brittish accent like he normally does. After having him for nearly half a school year I learned that he went through the day using different accents for each of his classes. Guess who is now officially my new favorite teacher.MLIA


There was another good teacher one I read that day, but I couldn’t remember how it went so I tried searching “favorite teacher”.  Guess what?  There are so many “new favorite teacher” posts that it’s already a cliché.  People snark about it in the comments regularly.  I find that strangely encouraging – kind of a weird sign that yes, kids really do want to like their teachers.

Anyway, I couldn’t find the other one I had seen, but here are a few more gems.

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