Average inspiration

The other day I found the weirdest source of teacher inspiration: reading MLIA (MyLifeIsAverage) over my little sister’s shoulder at my in-laws’ house.

Today, my schedule got switched around so instead of having history 6th hour I have it 2nd. As soon as I walked in I noticed that my teacher didn’t have a brittish accent like he normally does. After having him for nearly half a school year I learned that he went through the day using different accents for each of his classes. Guess who is now officially my new favorite teacher.MLIA


There was another good teacher one I read that day, but I couldn’t remember how it went so I tried searching “favorite teacher”.  Guess what?  There are so many “new favorite teacher” posts that it’s already a cliché.  People snark about it in the comments regularly.  I find that strangely encouraging – kind of a weird sign that yes, kids really do want to like their teachers.

Anyway, I couldn’t find the other one I had seen, but here are a few more gems.

During our first lab in my Honors Chem class, my teacher asked me to flip a switch to turn on the fans. There was only one there, but as I flipped it he looked terrified and shouted, “No!! Not that one!!” I turned it off and jumped backwards, scared I just blew up the school, and the entire class turned to stare at me. After a second he added, “No I’m totally kidding. That’s right,” and continued doing his work normally. Hello, favorite teacher. MLIA.

Today, I was looking for my math teacher on the second floor of my school. I only found my English teacher walking into the staff lounge. So, I walked downstairs only to find my English teacher walking out of his room. I sarcastically asked him if he had a Teleporting machine. He suspiciously glanced back and forth down the hall ,stared at me seriously and whispered “You found out, this is our secret now”. then, winked at me and walked away as if nothing had happened. Best teacher ever. MLIA


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