Night school

The update!  I am not only employed as a teacher-on-call, but I am now hired to teach an evening class of Math 12 through the district’s continuing-ed program.  This means a mostly adult group of students, widely varying levels of ability and recent math experience, and a fantastic opportunity for me to teach an upper-level math course.

It looks like I won’t likely have access to a digital projector or any of that other fancy-shmancy edumacational technology.  So I’m focusing on good ideas for how to manage notes with this group so that we can make the best of the whiteboards.  My wife has taught using a modified Cornell notes technique with some good stuff in there; I think I’d mod it further but there’s something worth stealing from there.  These other bloggers’ ideas are also theft-worthy: samjshah’s binder checks, or Kate Nowak’s homework quizzes.

Mixed in there somewhere is my desire to have downloadable notes in some format.  Bringing camera to snap pictures of whiteboards and uploading, maybe?

Also, follow-up to my official unofficial pro-d, Letters to a Young Mathematician was completely fantastic and I recommend it to any and all math educators.  I was going to blog some specific bits of awesome, but that didn’t happen and now I’ve returned the book and am far too busy prepping for Math 12 next week.  (Did I mention it starts this Monday?)

Yes, my head is spinning around full of a dozen innovative ideas I need to experiment with.  No, I am not going to try them all at once and explode.

Now to dive into the review material and see if I can pull a good collaborative challenge out of there somehow…  This is going to be interesting.


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