Summer Writing List

Things I would like to blog during the oh-so-near summer break:

  • deconstructing classroom logistics in my night-school math 12 class (how group work did or didn’t work; WCYDWT with grown-ups, how I structured note-taking, etc.)
  • deconstructing what I actually taught:
    • that senior-level trig stuff: unit circle vs ASTC vs ???
    • some fun stuff that actually worked that I haven’t talked about
  • deconstructing (is he still using that word? sheesh) a summer math-ed class I took last year during my B.Ed that was amazing and which I would still like to transform my own classroom into. I need to think through why it worked, how it worked, and how to steal it and make it my own.  (And I want to share the good stuff so that I’m not the only one trying it.)  Some overlap here on the previously mentioned topic of co-operative / collaborative group work, which was a key feature of this class.
  • Maybe something about Civ-games and colonialism; may review that Canadian History mod I stumbled across this week as a case study.
  • Someone challenged me to make a math lesson out of some crazy web-game about fish?  I may have to take them up on that challenge.

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